Adding dimension is easy. Toe Kick and Upper Kitchen Cabinet LED Light Strip Kits make your cupboards stand out like never before. Shift into the third dimension.

Product Features:
- Includes all required parts for a fast and simple installation.
- The inclided LED Light Strip can be cut to custom lengths and reconnected with included connectors.
- This entire kit operates on only 24 Watts, and can last for years with no maintenance.

Product Components:
- 1 x Luma5™ Series LED Light Strip 16.4ft
- 1 x 24 Watt Power Adapter - UL Listed
- 1 x R106 LED Dimmer with Remote Control
- 1 x Pack of Any Angle Strip-to-Strip Connectors
- 1 x 6 Ft Strip-to-Strip Extension Connector
- 1 x Pack of Wire Clips